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woodpecker block print card

  Can also be printed on brown paper with matching envelope. Red crest is hand colored.


Long arm stapler card for the zine nerd.


Owl Block Print

  Block print owl with blank inside, can be printed on brown or white paper, comes with matching envelope.

Greeting Card


Book A Show!

If you would like me to perform at your event, please feel free to use the contact page here on my website!

Saving Annie’s Mountain

“Saving Annie’s Mountain” is printed and ready for order! 32 pages of full color illustrations, plus illustrated end sheets, and a wonderful story written by the children at Wind Dance Farm!
A very brief summary is “A protest in West Virginia coal country takes on new meaning when four children meet a feisty old woman who witnessed the original battle for miners’ rights in 1921.”


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O’Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot

O’Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. His whole life has been spent drawing, traveling, performing, creating, and most of the time enjoying life. He considers himself an illustrator, circus performer, visual artist, father, and all around nice guy.

As a performer, he is whatever the situation calls for; a shy yet clumsy mime, a costumed statue on the street, or a boisterous show off with a suitcase full of props. O’Ryan loves to entertain and is always learning new tricks and skills to make every performance better than the last.

As an illustrator, O’Ryan has created art for a slew of grassroots campaigns, small businesses, and independent publications. He makes his art both digitally and by hand using pencils, pens, gouache, oils, printmaking, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He has recently illustrated a children’s picture book entitled “Saving Annie’s Mountain,” written by a group of students in West Virginia, and is currently working on his own, entitled, “Jelly.”

In addition to illustration, O’Ryan has found a love for creating shadow boxes, paintings, and jewelry. His shadow boxes are cut and assembled from wood, found frames, old photos, fabric, and any number of lost ephemera that he has collected over the years. Applying as many mediums as possible, these boxes contain paintings, prints and original jewelry in a three dimensional world full of nostalgia and wonder.

O’Ryan currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his partner, child, and a few stinky cats.

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The star of the show, Jelly


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