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Punk and Ska poster

Fun flier to make for a really awesome radio show hosted by a dear friend. Was feeling inspired…have been reading alot of Dr. Seuss to my son recently, really in love with his stairs and horns and everything else really!

Punk and Ska

Slingshot Organizer Poster

new poster for the Big Idea’s annual Slingshot Organizer….but then again you all can read that!

Andromeda #13

Cover i did for the awesome pittsburgh comics anthology, Andromeda….

check it out at littletired.wordpress.com

Big Idea Member Drive Poster

poster i did for the Big Idea Cooperative Cafe and Bookstore’s annual member drive……

if you’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania check ’em out 4812 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield


Shadbush Collective Comic

this is a comic i put together for the Shadbush Collective ( http://www.shadbushcollective.org ) a rad environmental justice collective out of Pittsburgh, PA. it will be featured as a full page poster in their new publication, the second edition of The Shalefields Grassroots Reporter. The comic details the plight of a small community in south-western PA that has been devastated by hydraulic fracturing.

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