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woodpecker block print card

  Can also be printed on brown paper with matching envelope. Red crest is hand colored.


Long arm stapler card for the zine nerd.


Owl Block Print

  Block print owl with blank inside, can be printed on brown or white paper, comes with matching envelope.

Greeting Card


Belated X-mas Card

My Bah, Humbug Cards I sent out this year!




everyone i know!

yet another post card that is in no way a representation of the artist…..everyone i know!

no one understands me!

This is a character i’ve been working with for a while and really want to do a whole story or series about in the near future. i have named this young fella Herk after my comic series and my nickname given to me since childhood by my grandfather. not a representation of myself at all!


Hobo Fox &friends

An excerpt from an old sketchbook I had while riding freight trains across Canada. I have really been wanting to experiment more with this style…alot of oldtime Arthur Rackham influence. Really want to write children’s rhymes to go with the illustrations and turn into a children’s book that looks really antiquated.Image

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

new holiday gift card, one of my best image editing trials yet!

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