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Getting ready for a show at Tazza d’oro in September!



Owl with shipwreck

Finally got the chance to work on a new shadow box! Used some found objects that have been needing a home for far too long and tried some new woodworking techniques!


minnie 1954


This shadow box features pictures of my late great grandmother from 1926 through 1954….it is also a music box.

shadow box #2

I used old corks, a paper doily, clippings from magazines circa 1895, a copy of a photo from my great grandmother’s collection of polaroids, various rusty metal bits, and an old door stop, and then i mounted it all onto a wallpapered board from an old demolished house…..lots of history goin’ on in there!

shadow box #1


old velveta cheese box stuffed with some of my favourite antiquities!


shadow box #1 (detail)shadow box#1

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