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Children's_WorkshopMore rewarding than performing is teaching. Even if children leave a workshop still not knowing how to juggle three balls, they will remember the experience and have fun trying.

Sideshow, Unicycle, Stilts

While, I don’t often hold down an entire show with these props, I find that they can add quite a bit to an event. I can juggle while on stilts as well as interact with a crowd or audience, and can juggle on the unicycle as well.

My sideshow skills include hammering a nail into my nose and putting a blow torch out on my tongue. Combined with select magic tricks, juggling fire, knives, and some well placed humour, this can really please a crowd.


Juggling_FireFor night-time events, fire always gets people’s attention, and leaves an impression to boot. Juggling torches and fire poi are two of the most awe inspiring acts that I perform. Humans are drawn to fire, and it is hard to take your eye from these flaming torches as they dance effortlessly in the air before you.

Miming, Clowning

I am a well practised mime and clown, specializing in object manipulation, magic tricks, impromptu audience interaction, and physical comedy. My acts vary from silent and shy to loud and boisterous, depending on the venue. In my experience an entire performance can run through a suitcase full of props, or if done right, can involve nothing more than a push broom and some imagination.


JugglingJuggling_KnivesAs a performer, I can juggle 5 balls, four cigar boxes, five rings, three clubs, three knives, three fire torches and random objects when called for….  just not all at the same time.

Easily, juggling alone can fill 15 minutes to an half hour of time in a performance.

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